Watch This Elderly Couple's Dance-Off in a metro In Spain will give you a Relationship Goal 


The Youtube suggest that the lovely couple was dancing during a metro ride in Spain. (Source: NewS-Bas/ Youtube)

It is said, a happy life is a healthy life. This is exactly what a free-spirited, cool elderly couple has shown the world.

A video of couple dancing on a metro train in Spain has gone viral for all the right reasons. The cute pair was travelling in Barcelona, Spain, enjoying a live performance by a group of young rappers. The gentleman was obviously impressed and even tipped the musicians. But that wasn’t enough… he wanted to groove to the beat too! Now, you think you know what happens next, but wait! Like all great stories, there’s a twist!

The couple does not dance with each other but ends up shaking a leg with other younger partners instead. As the man approaches his lady to join him to sway along, she denies, probably embarrassed. But what happens next certainly proves their hearts and sense of humour are as young and fresh as a teenager.

Denied by his wife, he approaches a young lady standing across him and swirls her around. The wife, not to be outdone anymore, stands and gets herself a young man of her own!

The duo’s dance-off on the Barcelona Metro in Spain has been winning hearts over the Internet and people are going gaga over their spirit. The video has been doing rounds on various social media platforms.

People around the world spend time in the tunnel regularly during their daily rides, but to witness such unbounded moments of happiness and zeal would be perfect to deal with our Monday blues.

Watch Video Below..

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